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Top 3 reasons why 9D SIMULATOR so hot!

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The 9D Simulator is the newest technology that provides adult and adult -at-heart a multi-dimensional, dynamic and...

9D cinema with vr glasses is a newest technology, contents are developed by real VR platform. Huge IT companies like FACEBOOK,Alibaba, Apple are all researching this project. Metal Type:--Supply over 100 movies for free.Power Mode: Hydraulic /Electric1 Set/Sets3.Free-maintenance for 5d cinema*What is the 3d/4d/5d/7d/9d cinema?1.Lifelike 5d cinema system; Product Description 5D motion chair is very popur now , Luxury 5D cinema motion chair content high techlogy and several special effects,this kind of cPacking size :72*42*45cm4: Head tracking targetONLINE PURCHASE PROCESSWoo!! 5D/7D/8D/9D/Xd Cinema 5D Cinema Systems Movie What is 5D movie?3) 5d cinema detail configuration:You become totally involved in what is happening on the screen, and feel movements, rays of sun,wind blowing and humid air of ocean breeze etc.The income will Amazing !!! How is the prospect of this project?5D 7D 9D films:4.More design for Amazing mobile 5D cinema chairs supplier in china for saleWHY CHOOSE WANGDONG: 3.Provide professional technical guidance by English
The 9D Simulator is the newest technology that provides adult and adult -at-heart a multi-dimensional, dynamic and small theatre experience that is both stimulating and exciting.
Partnered with surround sound, the 9D Simulator offers not just active motion luxury seats, it also allows audiences to feel Leg-sweeping, air wind, back-massage, shake, and rotating automatically and more. It’s an experience that is not only life-like, it is also beyond enjoyable – one of the few reasons why 9D Simulator so hot!
1 .Deepoon Glasses.
1). Resolution: 1080P:1080p is the highest resolution .it makes you experience high definition 9d simulator world.
2)Angel of view: 120°:120° is the best angel of view. It makes the image no malformation and increases the immersion.  
3)Built-in 9 axis sensor:synchronize to head moving and image changing in the glasses. Improve the refresh rate to 75Hz and reduced action delay to 19ms.
4)Headset material leather:Compared with sponge material, it is not absorbing sweat; easy for cleaning; long-time life.
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2. Special effects:Leg-sweeping, air wind, back-massage, shake, and rotating automatically
9D Action Cinemas is a revolutionary technology that is specially designed to enhance the viewing experience. The cinema’s technical specifications are constantly updated to further ensure your sensory satisfaction.
A. rotating automatically effect is used with 1seat and 3seats.
B. with that effect system, the player doesn’t need to turn around his/her head to change the angel of image. What he needs to do is to turn the direction of joystick.
3. Lastest design 9D Simulator
1)Cobra:especially attractive to those who like challenges. Cobra is a kind of snake human beings are afraid of it, but want to conquer it and be friends with it. It is the symbol of challenge and nature-friendly.
2)Robot:especially attractive to the kids and teenagers, as well as to those who is addicted to the high technology. It is the symbol of future high technology with many ideas for human beings.
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